'Forza Ducati!!!!!!'





Damaged Ducatis

The garage provides a never ending supply of exotic paperweights...

Aluminum clutch hub failure...from a Patnah racebike  

What I found on one neglected 900ss...

Vertical belt only minutes away from breaking.

I guess that's one way to close off the intake bleeds...


900ss Crankshaft Plug

Here's the infamous backing out crankshaft plug....from a 1996 900ss

ST2 Spider Infestation!

Spiders in the airbox and on cam pulleys of an ST2 that came my way.


Another cracked SuperSport steering head.

High mileage (~50k) 900ss clutch basket. Ya know that "hubcap full of lug nuts" rattly noise that they make with the lever pulled in? That's the sound of your clutch dying...


An aftermarket Ducati piston that I ran one too many races on...

Another piston frag courtesy of Willow Springs Raceway.

Collapsed main bearing cage on a Cagiva 650ss...and the resulting countershaft gear failure.

Broken cam belt on an Alazurra 650.



Cracked Verlicchi swingarm....even after a previous repair. So that's why the rear end was so wobbly.


The worst Alazzurra I have ever seen.

Corrosion never sleeps
This one was a doosey. Completely corroded, customized with the blingest bling that Pep Boys/Auto Zone had to offer, color scheme a la K Mart, and with a family of rodents living under the seat...

hand cut graphics and Auto Zone silver edge piping...

missle launch button and a knob to turn up the fun...

mousey home!
Cross referenced gas cap -same as '81 Toyota!

Padlocks on grab rails. Nice
I'll bet he was a charter member of the Bad Boys Club, too.

front mud flap.

Decals from truck stop vending machines

They called him Mr Freeze...

A completely hammered 750 Paso Limited.

Pile o' Paso

Tank dented and rusted

Mousey home!


Scored bore-
piston disintegrated!


Once a flagship of the Paso line, this one was now just a mess. The photos from the seller show it sitting uncovered in a backyard. This began to make more sense-when I tore the bike down, I emptied about 100cc of water from its swingarm. Then there was the cobbed 16" kawasaki front wheel, the scored cylinder, the broken engine cases...



900ss "Widowmaker"

Custom, paint and sheet metal work
Note front brake lever

Coffee can exhaust

  This 900ss was dangerous because, unlike other Ducati wrecks, the owner actually rode this one as is! How do I know this? I spoke to him on his cell phone as he rode it! Note front brake lever, or lack thereof...

Clutch spring perches sourced from the bottom of the junk drawer.
Check your belts!
This is what I find sometimes when I buy used bikes...belt from a paso 750 as I purchased it. This belt was on the verge of snapping. It had mere minutes of life left.    
Full Floaters > This guy obviously was not happy with the rattly Brembo snowflake full floaters.

I have never before seen RTV in this lovely shade of brown...
You crack me up!    
Studly Broken 900ss Engine stud...this was an aftermarket stainless stud. Stainless usually has a lower ultimate strength than hardened steel. It looks good, but is not as strong...  

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