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A Small Selection of our Used Parts Inventory
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Alazurra 650 Parts Paso Parts 750ss/900ss Parts  
Complete 82mm Pistons $125 Complete 88mm Pistons $125 Kokusan Ignition Modules $150 ea
Voltage Regulator $125 907ie Radiator Overflow Tank $250 Crankshafts $200 ea
Crankshaft and rods $200 Weber -Marelli P8 computers $250 ea Alternator Covers $150 ea
Ignition Box $150 Weber Digiplex Ignition computers $300 ea Voltage Regulator $100 ea
Controller black box $50 Marzocchi 42mm M1R Forks $500 Oil Pump $50 ea
Alternator $75 ... and much more. email your parts order    
4 Piston Brake Upgrade $300    
PHF 36mm carbs with throttle $400    
Clutch cover $300    
Dashboard cover $45    
Frame with title $300    
Rocker Arm Set $75    
Swingarm pin $60    
Speedometer drive $75    
Starter $80    
Sight Glass $40    
... and much more. email your parts order    

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